The Fantastic Action Bible


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Its the Bible for boys (or girls) :-)

Published 3 hours ago by Nichole Patterson

Finally the kid like reading the Bible and looks forward to reading each night before bed. Thanks!

Published 6 hours ago by Bandit

This Bible is awesome! My 6.5 year old son couldn’t wait for his bed time story reading! A comic loving teenager and adult could enjoy this too! Read more

Published 4 days ago by M. Jordan

AWESOME illustrations and excellent resource for my 9 year old son that makes his own comic books and stays totally engaged in the story line.

Published 5 days ago by Adrien Ruiz

I’ve been using it to teach Sunday School to 4th thru 6th graders and they love it! I also got the PDF version and have been copying and pasting into a power point presentation and…